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Team History[edit]

After the Nuevo Laredo Owls moved to Tijuana, Baja California, the team was called the Toros de Tijuana for one season. The 2004 Mexican League team led the Liga in attendance their first season (548,863) and made the playoffs despite managerial turmoil that saw Carlos Hernandez, Alejandro Ortiz and Tomas Herrera all take the reigns. The Toros were 49-48 and were led by Derrick White (.361/.472/.587) and Carlos Valencia (.324/.363/.503, tied for the Liga lead with 129 hits).

The next year the team were renamed the Potros de Tijuana. Pro baseball returned in 2014 as the Petroleros de Minatitlán became the new Toros de Tijuana.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
2004 49-48 8th Carlos Hernandez / Alex Ortiz / Tomas Herrera Lost in 2nd round
2014 55-58 11th Mario Mendoza / Jesus Sommers
2015 54-53 7th Eddy Diaz / Juan Castro Lost in 2nd round
2016 64-48 6th Luis Sojo / Pedro Meré Lost League Final
2017 76-34 1st Pedro Meré Champions
2018-1 33-23 4th Pedro Meré Lost in 2nd round
2018-2 35-21 2nd Lino Rivera / Óscar Robles Lost in 1st round
2019 75-45 1st (t) Oscar Robles Lost in 2nd round
2021 40-25 3rd Omar Vizquel / Homar Rojas Champions

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