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The Medicine Hat Blue Jays were the Toronto Blue Jays affiliate in the Pioneer League beginning in 1978 and remained with their parent club for 25 seasons. Over the years, the club generally struggled on the field and with attendance, but the Jays did have some noteworthy seasons. In 1982, led by skipper Duane Larson and outfielder Kash Beauchamp, they captured their only championship. They reached the championship series again in 1995 under the leadership of manager Darren Balsley but lost the title to the Helena Brewers. The Blue Jays only reached the playoffs one other time, losing to the Great Falls Dodgers in 2000. After the 2002 season, Toronto ended their affiliation with the club, and the Pioneer League abandoned Medicine Hat as the franchise moved to Montana to become the second incarnation of the Helena Brewers.

Over the years, some of the most notable players to wear a Medicine Hat uniform include Lloyd Moseby, Fred Manrique, John Cerutti, Gustavo Chacin, Geronimo Berroa and Jay Gibbons, who won the league's Triple Crown in 1998.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs Team MVP Hitting Coach Pitching Coach Coach
1978 28-40 7th John McLaren
1979 27-42 4th Dennis Holmberg
1980 16-54 4th John McLaren
1981 37-33 3rd Wayne Graham
1982 44-26 1st Duane Larson League Champs Chris Johnston
1983 33-34 4th Duane Larson Ronnie Robbins
1984 32-38 3rd Duane Larson Rob Ducey
1985 26-44 3rd Mike Young Geronimo Berroa
1986 24-46 6th Dennis Holmberg Mark Whiten
1987 26-43 4th Eduardo Dennis Andy Dziadkoweic
1988 12-58 4th Rocket Wheeler Eddy Mendez
1989 23-46 4th Rocket Wheeler Shawn Holtzclaw
1990 20-46 7th Garth Iorg Brent Bowers
1991 24-45 7th J.J. Cannon Felipe Crespo Reggie Cleveland
1992 23-52 8th Jim Nettles Jose Hererra
1993 39-34 3rd Omar Malave Lorenzo de la Cruz Hal Dyer
1994 39-39 4th Darren Balsley Julio Mosquera Hal Dyer
1995 35-37 4th Darren Balsley Lost League Finals Mike Peeples
1996 22-50 8th Marty Pevey Ryan Stromsborg Bruce Walton Paul Elliott
1997 26-46 8th Marty Pevey Greg Morrison
1998 46-28 1st Rolando Pino Jay Gibbons
1999 33-43 5th Paul Elliott Gustavo Chacin
2000 36-40 6th Paul Elliott Lost in 1st round Jeremy Johnson
2001 20-56 8th Tom Bradley Nick Tempesta
2002 37-38 2nd/4th Rolando Pino Jordan De Jong Lee Guetterman

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