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Team History[edit]

Tecumsehs team, ca. 1924. Fourth from the left is thought to be Charlie Gehringer, who would later play second base for the Detroit Tigers

The London Tecumsehs were the first Canadian team to win a professional baseball title of any type when they became champions of the International Association in its first season in 1877. The International Association was the strongest rival of the National League, established only a year earlier, and some have argued that it should have been considered a major league. The team featured pitcher Fred Goldsmith as its biggest star. Jake Knodell also played for the team.

The Tecumsehs derive their name from Chief Tecumseh (1768-1813) of the Shawnee nation, an ally of the British during the War of 1812 who was killed at the Battle of the Thames which was fought near London, ON.

In 2021, the 1877 Tecumsehs were inducted as a team in the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, in recognition of the historic nature of their first championship.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1877 14-4 1st Harry Gorman League Champs
1878 23-13 NA Roscoe Barnes
1888 53-53 5th Phil Powers League Champs
1889 51-55 6th Phil Powers / Dude Esterbrook / Wallace Fessenden none
1890 15-32 -- Wallace Fessenden Team disbanded July 8
1896 14-18 3rd A.D. Holman
1900 26-14 1st (tied) Pete Lohman
1912 48-49 4th Frank Bowerman / Albert Barrett none
1913 64-39 2nd George Deneau none
1914 71-43 2nd Frank Reisling none
1915 50-85 5th Frank Reisling / Walter Hartwell none
1919 41-70 7th Joe Keenan / Starr Mason / Kenneth Hagel / C.E. "Dad" Stewart none
1920 86-32 1st Henry "Buzz" Wetzel none League Champs
1921 72-46 1st Henry "Buzz" Wetzel League Champs
1922 83-50 2nd Henry "Buzz" Wetzel
1923 55-73 6th Leo Mackey / Jack Beatty none
1924 62-70 5th Jack Beatty
1930 37-17 1st Knotty Lee Lost League Finals

Further Reading[edit]

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