Crash Davis (character)

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Not to be confused with the real Crash Davis, the fictional Crash Davis is the main character in the 1988 movie Bull Durham as played by Kevin Costner. In the movie Crash is an end-of-line journeyman catcher sent to the low minors to school a brash up-and-coming pitcher, Nuke LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. While on the team, he romances Annie Savoy (played by Susan Sarandon), and nears the all-time record for minor league home runs.

His character is well known for his speech on what he believes: Memorable quotes from the IMDB

When Mike Hessman set the all-time record for home runs in the U.S.-based minor leagues in 2015, he was called "the real-life Crash Davis". Ironically, in the film, Davis's career total of minor league home runs (somewhere in the 200s) was nowhere near the true record of 432, held at the time by Buzz Arlett.