Bull Durham (movie)

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Bull Durham is a 1988 movie starring Kevin Costner as veteran minor league catcher Crash Davis, Susan Sarandon as fan Annie Savoy, and Tim Robbins as pitching prospect Nuke LaLoosh. The plot revolves around Davis's efforts to help turn LaLoosh from a pitcher with great stuff, no control, and a very big head, to a successful major leaguer. At the same time, Annie Savoy is also bent on teaching LaLoosh a few things about life, although it becomes clear that she is better matched with the more experienced and sophisticated Davis.

Writer-Director Ron Shelton was a second baseman in the Baltimore Orioles' system.

The film received excellent reviews and was a box office success. It frequently turns up on lists of the top-10 baseball-themed movies of all time. It was the first of three baseball movies by Costner, before Field of Dreams and For Love of the Game.

In 2013, the film was adapted into a musical which is targeted to open on Broadway in the spring of 2017. Shelton also wrote the book for the musical.

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