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Possible Italian Serie A1 players[edit]

I think this one is the same Glen Cook. Glen did not play in Organized Baseball in 1988-1989.

Finished in OB in 2000. Sounds like the same guy. Found proof here CONFIRMED

Possible. He spent some time in Buffalo in 1992 but 7 games in Italy sounds feasible. Yes - see here CONFIRMED

He played 127 games in Vero Beach in 1984, so while it's possible, I'd mark this one as unlikely.

Finished Organized Baseball in 1990, so Italy in 1991 sounds highly feasible. Also, he played 10 games for Milano in 1946; major leaguer Brian Giles played the other 26. I'm guessing one got hurt or left the country and was replaced by the other.

1989 was his last year in OB, so this sounds probable.

Out of OB after 2000, so sounds very possible. Same guy - see CONFIRMED

Finished OB in 1985, so sounds like it could very well be the same guy. Same guy - see CONFIRMED

Very possible. Leon played briefly in Mexico in 1991, but nowhere else in OB. Same guy - see CONFIRMED

Possible. Didn't play much in the US that year.

Possible. Out of OB. Not exactly a common name. That's him - see this article CONFIRMED

Finished OB a year earlier so a strong possibility.

Wrapped up his OB career a year earlier. Likely.

Wrong position. Looks like Roberto E. Rivera, who played in the minors from 1994-2001.

Could be. Didn't start in OB until the next year.

A Billy Smith? Who knows?

Wrong birthdate. This sounds Greg Lee Smith, a minor leaguer from 1978 through 1993 who had played 21 games in Mexico that year to conclude a six-year run there. Sounds like he went to Italy after washing out of Mexico. CONFIRMED

Possible. Played briefly in Mexico in 1987 (last year in OB) so some time in Italy is feasible.

OB career ended in 1991. Highly possible.

Out of OB in 1991-1992 so highly probable. CONFIRMED by 2010 Phillies Media Guide