1997 Serie A1

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Serie A1
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The 1997 Serie A1 regular season was dominated by Caffe Danesi Nettuno, who went 46-8 and finished eight games ahead of second-placed Cariparma. But it was Parma who took home the championship as they beat Nettuno in the Italian Series to capture their ninth scudetto. The two beaten semi finalists, GB Ricambi Modena and Caserta, were both making their first playoff appearances. Verona finished an awful 0-54 and were unsurprisingly relegated down to Serie A2.


  1. Caffe Danesi Nettuno, 46-8 (Giampiero Faraone)
  2. Cariparma, 38-16 (Claudio Corradi)
  3. GB Ricambi Modena, 34-19 (Juan Castro)
  4. Caserta, 32-22 (Luis Lunar)
  5. Juventus Turin, 29-25
  6. IVAS Rimini, 28-26 (Mauro Mazzotti)
  7. Grosseto, 26-28 (Lambert Ford)
  8. Fiorentina, 22-32
  9. Air Dolomiti Ronchi, 14-39
  10. Verona, 0-54

Semi Finals: Nettuno beat Caserta, Parma beat Modena