1995 Hoofdklasse

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The 1995 Hoofdklasse season was really a story of how the top five teams were far ahead of the bottom three. Three and a half games seperated first place Levi's Neptunus from the fifth place Gambro Twins, who missed the playoffs by half a game. The sixth placed team Quick Amersfoort finished 12 games behind the Twins. Levi's Neptunus won their fourth Hoofdklasse title by knocking off Home Pizza Kinheim in the Holland Series.

Jeffrey Cranston of HCAW was named Hoofdklasse MVP while Eelco Jansen of Kinheim won Best Pitcher.


  1. Levi's Neptunus, 25-10 (Jan Collins)
  2. Home Pizza Kinheim, 25-10 (Ted Arnold)
  3. Mr. Cocker HCAW, 24-11 (Craig McGinnis)
  4. Minolta Pioniers, 22-13 (Bruce Heiser)
  5. Gambro Twins, 21-13
  6. Quick Amersfoort, 8-25
  7. Data Circuits ADO, 8-27
  8. Northwest De Spartaan, 5-29 (Pete Yarasavich)

Playoffs: Neptunus beat Pioniers, Kinheim beat HCAW