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Team Bio[edit]

Named for the Wilson Tobs class D team who played their games at Fleming Stadium in the 1940s as part of the Coastal Plain League, the modern Wilson Tobs are a Summer Collegiate Baseball team playing in the modern Coastal Plain League. They were an original member of the CPL, which debuted back in 1997.

The current Wilson Tobs are like every other summer college baseball team in that they dedicated and designed to provide minor league-style competition for NCAA players that wish to continue on into professional baseball. The Tobs operate in the model a Minor League team: playing nightly before fans in stadiums which seat thousands, using wood bats and minor league specification equipment, and experiencing road trips between games. The Wilson Tobs actively recruit, and have hosted collegiate athletes from throughout the United States. Like all other summer collegiate players, Tobs athletes are unpaid in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility, and live with host families in the same manner as Single A and Independent League players.

  • All games are broadcast on WUBN 106.9 FM

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Manager Playoffs
1997 20-30 Troy Heustess Runner Up
1998 26-23 Mike Rikard
1999 25-24 Tom Hager
2000 30-20 Jeff Bock 1st Round
2001 31-19 Brandon Hall Runner Up
2002 16-34 J.P. Burwell
2003 19-28 Brad Stromdahl
2004 28-22 Todd Wilkinson Tourney 2-2
2005 27-29 Chris Cook Tourney 0-1
2006 29-24 Jeff Steele Tourney 1-2
2007 27-29 Jeff Steele Tourney 0-1
2008 31-24 Jeff Steele Tourney 0-1
2009 35-21 Jeff Steele 1st Round
2010 37-19 Jeff Steele 1st Round
2011 25-31 Bruce Johnson
2012 21-34 Jason Immekus
2013 29-24 Austin Love
2014 27-27 Justin Hay Semi Final
2015 23-32 Bryant Gaines
2016 30-24 Aaron Lynch Semi Final
2017 18-37 Aaron Lynch
2018 22-23 Bryan Hill Semi Final
2019 29-21 Bryan Hill Semi Final
2021 23-19 Harry Markotay

Notable Tobs Alumni[edit]

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