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The Shaughnessy Playoffs were a playoff system invented by Shag Shaughnessy, General Manager of the Montréal Royals, in 1933. First used in the International League, the system spread quickly throughout the minor leagues and then into the AAGPBL.

The first place and third place teams in league would square off with one another, while the second and fourth place teams played one another. In other leagues, the third and fourth place teams and first and second place teams would face off versus each other. The champions of each series advanced to the finals.

The Shaughnessy Playoffs was devised to maintain the interest of fans and players alike if one team was running away with the regular-season pennant during the Depression era. Unfortunately, it usually led to inferior teams being declared league champions, gave the #4 team an easier path than the #3 team and sometimes led to sub-.500 teams winning titles. The playoff structure is no longer used despite its once being the most frequent arrangement.

Shaughnessy Playoffs Leagues[edit]