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There is baseball in the Land of Make-Believe, too. For instance, in DC Comics, Gotham City is represented in the MLB by the Gotham Knights and Metropolis by the Meteors and Monarchs. This category will attempt to deduce and glean the history of these fictional baseball franchises.

There are plenty of "fake" teams out there. There's the Bad News Bears, New New York Mets, Springfield Isotopes, New York Empires, Knights, the list goes on.

For sake of completeness, this category also includes real-life teams in movies that contain completely fictional rosters (Cleveland Indians in Major League, for example).

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  • Chris Landers: "What’s the best fictional baseball team ever? You taking the 'Major League' Indians or the 'Rookie of the Year' Cubs?",, February 8, 2020. [1]

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