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The Vaqueros de Bayamón (Bayamon Cowboys) played in the Puerto Rican League on two separate occasions. They first arrived in Bayamon in 1974 when the Senadores de San Juan moved to town. Nine years later they would move back to San Juan but not before winning three league titles plus the 1975 Caribbean Series behind the leadership of Ken Griffey Sr. and Willie Montanez. The Cowboys returned to the league in 1999 but lasted only four years as just like the original team they too would move to San Juan.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Manager Post Season
1974-75 37-33 Jose Pagan Champions
1975-76 34-26 Jose Pagan Champions
1976-77 34-26 Jose Pagan Runner-up
1977-78 31-29 Jose Pagan Runner-up
1978-79 28-32
1979-80 33-26 Art Howe Champions
1980-81 39-31
1981-82 27-34 Jose Pagan Runner-up
1982-83 32-28
1999-00 24-25
2000-01 21-29 Ed Romero
2001-02 26-26 Carmelo Martinez Champions
2002-03 27-23 Carmelo Martinez

Caribbean Series Appearances[edit]

Notable Players[edit]