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2022 Western Athletic Conference Tournament

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The 2022 Western Athletic Conference baseball tournament was held May 25-28 at HoHoKam Park in Mesa, AZ. West #4 New Mexico State University defeated Southwest #4 Abilene Christian University for the title.

Participating Teams[edit]

Seed School Conf. Record Head Coach
Southwest 1 Sam Houston State University 21-9 Jay Sirianni
Southwest 2 Lamar University 20-10 Will Davis
Southwest 3 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 17-13 Derek Matlock
Southwest 4 Abilene Christian University 14-16 Rick McCarty
West 1 Grand Canyon University 25-5 Andy Stankiewicz
West 2 California State University, Sacramento 17-13 Reggie Christiansen
West 3 Seattle University 11-19 Donny Harrel
West 4 New Mexico State University 10-20 Mike Kirby



  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
SW1  Sam Houston State 1  
W4  New Mexico State 3  
  W4  New Mexico State 10  
  SW3  UT Rio Grande Vall. 0  
W2  Sacramento State 1
SW3  UT Rio Grande Vall. 2  
  W4  New Mexico State 7 x  
  W2  Sacramento State 3 x  
SW1  Sam Houston State 2  
W2  Sacramento State 3  
  SW3  UT Rio Grande Vall. 5
  W2  Sacramento State 9  
  W4  New Mexico State 7 x x
  SW4  Abilene Christian 1 x x
W1  Grand Canyon 8  
SW4  Abilene Christian 4  
  W1  Grand Canyon 4
  SW2  Lamar 3  
SW2  Lamar 6
W3  Seattle 4  
  W1  Grand Canyon 5 8
  SW4  Abilene Christian 6 15  
SW4  Abilene Christian 10  
W3  Seattle 3  
  SW2  Lamar 4
  SW4  Abilene Christian 9  

Game Results[edit]

Game Winner Score Loser Notes
May 25
Game 1 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 2-1 California State University, Sacramento
Game 2 New Mexico State University 3-1 Sam Houston State University
Game 3 Lamar University 6-4 Seattle University
Game 4 Grand Canyon University 8-4 Abilene Christian University
May 26
Game 5 California State University, Sacramento 3-2 Sam Houston State University Sam Houston State eliminated
Game 6 Abilene Christian University 10-3 Seattle University Seattle eliminated
Game 7 New Mexico State University 10-0 (7) University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Game 8 Grand Canyon University 4-3 Lamar University
May 27
Game 9 California State University, Sacramento 9-5 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley UT-Rio Grande Valley eliminated
Game 10 Abilene Christian University 9-4 Lamar University Lamar eliminated
Game 11 New Mexico State University 7-3 California State University, Sacramento Sac State eliminated
Game 12 Abilene Christian University 6-5 Grand Canyon University
May 28
Game 13 Abilene Christian University 15-8 Grand Canyon University Grand Canyon eliminated
Game 14 New Mexico State University 7-1 Abilene Christian University New Mexico State advances to NCAA tournament