1913 New York Yankees

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1913 New York Yankees
Major league affiliations
1913 Uniform
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1913 Information
Owner(s) William Devery and Frank Farrell
Manager(s) Frank Chance
Local television none
Local radio none
Baseball-Reference 1913 New York Yankees

Record: 57-94. Finished 7th in American League (1913 AL)

Managed by Frank Chance

Ballpark: Polo Grounds

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

The 1913 New York Yankees played their eleventh season in New York and thirteenth overall. The team finished with a record of 57-94, coming in 7th place in the American League.

With an otherwise lackluster season, the most noteworthy event for the 1913 Yankees was switching their home field from Hilltop Park to the Polo Grounds. The Yankees had lent their home to the National League's Giants during the rebuilding of the Polo Grounds following its disastrous fire in 1911. The Giants returned the favor in 1913, subleasing to their American League rivals after the Highlanders' agreement to play at the aging, and wooden, Hilltop ballpark had ended. It was not a happy change of homes, however, as the Yankees set a major league record by losing 17 games, with one tie, before recording their first home win of the season on June 7th, which is also the latest date in a (normal) season for a team to record its first home win. They were also the first team to conduct spring training outside the United States, doing so in Bermuda.

At that time, the Giants were one of the strongest teams in baseball, winners of two consecutive league championships, and they would win their third in a row in 1913. The Yankees were seen as no threat to their status, and would provide additional revenue. Little did the Giants suspect what the future held for the respective clubs' status in the city and in baseball.


Team name[edit]

The nickname "Yankees" was now in frequent popular usage, and with the move of just a few blocks from the Hilltop to the bottomland of Coogan's Hollow next to the Harlem River, the alternate nickname "Highlanders" no longer made logical sense, and was dropped. Thus "Yankees" became the exclusive nickname of the New York American League franchise.

Final Standings[edit]

American League W L Pct. GB
Philadelphia Athletics 96 57 .627 --
Washington Senators 90 64 .584
Cleveland Naps 86 66 .566
Boston Red Sox 79 71 .527 15½
Chicago White Sox 78 74 .513 17½
Detroit Tigers 66 87 .431 30
New York Yankees 57 94 .377 38
St. Louis Browns 57 96 .373 39

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