World War Memorial Stadium

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World War Memorial Stadium
Location Greensboro, NC United States
Building chronology
Built 1926
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Greensboro College

World War Memorial Stadium in Greensboro, NC, was the home of Greensboro affiliated baseball from 1930 through 2004. After that, the Greensboro Bats of the South Atlantic League moved into a new ballpark in Greensboro - at the same time changing their nickname to Grasshoppers.

Opened well before landing Organized Baseball, in 1926, it also hosted Negro League baseball in at least the 1940s.

Not to be confused with War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, NY, it is often called just War Memorial. When it was named, of course, there had only been one "world" war - which was then known as The Great War.

The stadium remains the home field of the baseball Aggies of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, which acquired ownership February 4, 2022. Intended to be U-shaped, it looks from the air more like a backward J. It "plays" an away ballpark in the movie Bull Durham (1988) and joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.