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Biographical Information[edit]

Tomáš Přibyl played in the Extraliga and was with the Czech national team for four European Championships.

He played for Technika Brno in 1994 but the only available stats are homers (he hit 4); the team won the title. [1] He hit .329/.400/.632 in '95 and was among the league leaders in homers (5, tied for 9th), RBI (21, tied for 8th), doubles (8, 3rd, one off the co-leaders), extra-base hits (13, 4th) and total bases (48, tied Ivo Kučera for 8th).

In 1996, he fell to .275/.396/.575 and made leaderboards for homers (6, tied for 7th), runs (30, tied for 5th), triples (3, tied for 1st), extra-base hits (11, tied Michal Břeň for 8th) and walks (15, tied Břeň for 8th). He was on the Czech team in the 1996 B-Level European Championship, helping them qualify for a spot in the 1997 European Championship, their first European Championship. [2] He led the event in runs and RBI. [3] During 1997, he posted a .284/.372/.478 batting line, now playing for Draci Brno and winning his second pennant. He was on the Czech team for the 1997 European Championship. [4]

Přibyl batted .406/.487/.646 in 1998 as Draci Brno repeated. He was 9th in OBP, 8th in slugging, 9th in OPS (between Kučera and Břeň), tied former Royals farmhand Pavel Budský for second in doubles (14), tied for 3rd in triples (3), tied Petr Matalík for 8th in extra-base hits (18) and tied for 9th in walks (16). He hit .474/.556/.754 with 31 RBI and 22 runs in 19 games, then batted .333/.455/.458 with 8 RBI in 7 postseason games as Draci Brno repeated in 1999. He was 5th in the regular season in RBI, tied Břeň for the batting title, led in OBP (.002 ahead of Břeň), was 4th in slugging, ranked 3rd in OPS (behind Budský and Břeň) and tied for 8th with 11 walks. He was on the Czech team in the 1999 European Championship. Starting in left field, he hit .286/.375/.476 in the round-robin with 10 putouts, an assist and no errors. He was 2-for-11 in the placement games as the Czechs finished 8th. [5]

During 2000, he had a .415/.508/.642 batting line with 19 RBI in 14 games in the regular season and .308/.364/.462 with 11 RBI in 9 postseason contests; he won his fifth Czech title. In '01, he switched back to Technika Brno, where he hit .477/.554/.977 with 32 runs, 13 homers and 34 RBI in 23 games and .490/.526/.941 with 18 runs and 25 RBI in 12 postseason outings. He was among the regular-season leaders in home runs (4th), RBI (tied Břeň and Jiří Aubrecht for 6th), hits (41, tied Matalík and Patrik Kolkus for 8th), average (4th, between Budský and Josef Srbecký), OBP (6th), slugging (5th, between Miroslav Víšek and Jon Lauderdale), OPS (4th, between Roman Talda and Lauderdale), extra-base hits (17, tied David Winkler for 10th) and total bases (84, 5th). In the postseason, he was second in dingers (six, one shy of Lauderdale), led in RBI (4 ahead of Lauderdale), led in hits (25, 7 ahead of Michal Kočí), was second to Lauderdale in average, ranked 5th in OBP, was second to Lauderdale in slugging, was second to Lauderdale in OPS, was second in runs (two shy of Kočí), was second to Lauderdale in extra-base hits and led with 58 total bases (4 ahead of Lauderdale) though his team failed to triumph.

In the 2001 European Championship, he was a part-timer and batted .455/.647/.727 with 7 putouts, one assist and no errors. Only Petr Pacas (in 3 AB) had a higher average for the Czechs and no one had a better slugging (Jiří Víšek was .023 behind). [6] He hit .418/.521/.643 with 31 runs and 27 RBI in 27 games for Techniko Brno in the '02 regular season and .261/.320/.565 with 7 RBI in 6 postseason games. In the regular season, he tied for 8th in home runs (3), was 7th in RBI, ranked 6th in hits (41), won the batting title (.017 ahead of Filip Poláček), led in OBP (.044 ahead of Pavel Procházka), was 3rd in slugging (after Poláček and Budský), was second in OPS (.018 behind Poláček), was 7th in runs, tied for 5th in doubles (11), was 6th in total bases (63, between Martin Střítecký and Petr Baroch), tied Jan Drábek for 5th in extra-base hits (15) and tied for 6th in walks (20).

Tomáš batted .392/.516/.755 with 41 runs and 29 RBI in 29 games in the 2003 Extraliga, and was even better in the playoffs (.476/.607/.617, 9 R, 6 RBI in 6 G). He won the home run title (9, 4 ahead of Jakub Malík), led with 77 total bases (7 ahead of Kučera) and easily led in slugging (.130 ahead of Kučera), OPS (159 ahead of Kučera) and runs (8 ahead of Lukáš Macek and Tomáš Ovesný) in the regular season. He was also among the leaders in RBI (2nd, one behind Malík), hits (40, tied Dmytro Nelipo and Martin Veselý for 4th), average (5th), OBP (2nd, .0008 behind Ovesný), steals (11, tied for 8th), triples (2, tied for 5th), extra-base hits (3rd, 17, one behind Nelipo and Kučera) and walks (22, tied Střítecký for 3rd). He hit .281/.303/.323 in the 2003 European Championship, tying Veselý for the team lead in runs (4) and Ovesný for the team lead in hits (9). He was 5 for 5 in steals, tying Danny Rombley for second in the event in swipes, two behind Peter Maestrales. [7]

2003 was his final season. It is unclear if this was health-related or because baseball is not a full-time job in the Czech Republic and he developed other off-field commitments. Through 2022, he was among the career leaders in homers (62, tied Jiří Marek for 12th), average (.378, 7th, between Kučera and Aleš Malík), OPS (1196, 7th, between Talda and Martin Mužík), slugging (.718, 7th, between the same two) and OBP (.478, 3rd, behind Terrell Joyce and Jiří Víšek).


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