Salisbury Indians

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On June 19, 1937, the Salisbury Indians had a 21-5 record, but the league reversed its wins due to an excess number of "experienced players. One of the team's players, Robert Brady, had signed a contract four years earlier, but had never played. The league president, J. Thomas Kibler, ruled that he qualified as an experienced player and the Indians' record was set at 0-26. The team went 59-11 the rest of the way to finish in 1st place, and ended winning the playoffs.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1922 27-41 6th Harry Hoffman / George Eichnor none
1923 34-39 4th Burt Shipley none
1924 44-36 3rd Al Burris none
1925 46-44 3rd (t) Homer Smoot none
1926 57-29 2nd Jack White none
1927 48-38 2nd Poke Whalen none
1928 22-10 2nd Poke Whalen League disbanded July 10
1937 59-37 1st Jake Flowers League Champs
1938 65-47 1st Jake Flowers League Champs