Orientales (All-Star Series)

From BR Bullpen

The Orientales played in the Cuban All-Star Series four times. In 1968, they topped the Occidentales, 5 games to 3 with one tie under skipper Pedro Jiménez. José Huelga was the pitching star, leading in wins (2) and strikeouts (21). Felipe Sarduy led in triples (2), homers (2), hits (10, tied), runs (7) and steals (2). Guided by Servio Borges, they triumphed again, 5 games to 4, in 1969. Andrés Telemaco led in runs (9), Miguel Cuevas in homers (3), Elpidio Mancebo in doubles (4), Roberto Valdés in wins (2) and Rolando Macías in ERA (0.82).

In 1971, they lost 6 games to 3 to the Occidentales. Juan Díaz led the event in average, Eusebio Cruz in home runs and Huelga in innings pitched. In 1972, Borges led them to a 9-6 win over the Occidentales. Agustín Arias led in average (.378) and runs (7, tied), Pedro Jova led in hits (18), runs (7, tied) and triples (3) and Braudilio Vinent tied for the most whiffs, 16.