Meiji-Jingu Stadium

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Meiji-Jingu Stadium is the second-oldest ballpark in Japan opening in 1926; only Koshien Stadium is older. It predated the founding of NPB and was used initially for the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League and the Tohto University Base Ball League.

The Toei Flyers were the first professional team to call Meiji-Jingu Stadium home; they played there from 1962 to 1963. The Kokutetsu Swallows moved in the 1964 season. The Yakult Swallows still call Jingu home to this day.

Stands at the stadium.
Scoreboard at the Stadium

It was also the site of the 1964 Olympics baseball demonstration.

Meiji-Jingu Stadium uses Field Turf (since 2008, previously was AstroTurf from 1982) with brown turf base paths and real dirt around the bases. Currently it holds 35,429. Its original dimensions were expanded to fit International standards in 2008, from 91m (~298 ft.) to 101m (~331 ft.) at the poles. It is still 120m (~394 ft.) to center.

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