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Kansas is a state in the midwestern United States. While major league baseball has never been played in the state, the city of Kansas City, KS is a suburb of Kansas City, MO, which has hosted a major league baseball team at various times since the 19th century, and almost continuously since the early 1920s (Kansas City Monarchs, Kansas City A's and Kansas City Royals). In addition, the state's largest city, Wichita, KS has hosted either a AA or AAA team with only brief interruptions since 1970. In earlier days, the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League, Kansas State League, Central Kansas League, Eastern Kansas League, Oklahoma-Kansas League and Oklahoma-Arkansas-Kansas League were all based in or around the state.

In amateur baseball, Wichita has been the host of the National Baseball Congress World Series since 1935.

Further Reading[edit]

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