Doubleday Field (Cooperstown)

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Note: This page links to Doubleday Field, in Cooperstown, New York. For the field located in West Point, New York, see Doubleday Field (West Point).

Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY, is the home field of baseball. The game has been played on this land, two city blocks from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, since the early 1920s.

The first grandstands were erected in 1924. The Works Progress Administration built the current park, which opened in 1939 and started hosting the annual Hall of Fame Game that year. Hall of Fame week now often includes action involving pro teams or teams of retired pros.

Named for Abner Doubleday when he was widely believed to have "founded" the game, it has never been the permanent home of any professional baseball team but hosts many amateur games.

Long marketed as the home field of baseball itself, it was thought no one team should call it home. However, in 2011, the eight-team Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League debuted - with the Cooperstown Hawkeyes playing here.

The pro franchise that ended the Affiliated Era as the Connecticut Tigers played one home game per season here from 1991 through 2010. The series began when the franchise was in nearby Oneonta, and ended after its first season in Connecticut.

Doubleday Field appears in the closing scene of the film A League of Their Own (1992).