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Team Bio[edit]

Originally founded in 1980 as the Cook Inlet Bucs, the Anchorage Bucs operated as a barnstorming and exhibition Summer Collegiate Baseball team until the following season when the Bucs formally joined the Alaska Baseball League. In their inaugural season in the league the Bucs went on to a meager 19-25 record, despite defeating the defending National Baseball Congress World Champions the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks four out of five games.

In 1983, a winning record earned the Bucs a place in the NBC tournament in Wichita, KS. It was at this tournament that the Bucs set a National Baseball Congress record. The Cook Inlet Bucs lost on a bases-loaded walk in the 19th inning of what still holds the record for the longest game played in NBC history (as of 2006). The following year, in 1984, the Bucs officially changed their name to become the Anchorage Bucs.

After sitting out the 1988 season to regroup financially, the Anchorage Bucs returned to the Alaska Baseball League in 1989 to win their first league title, an honor they would go on to repeat for five consecutive years.

Like other Summer Collegiate Baseball teams, the Anchorage Bucs are dedicated and designed to providing minor league level competition for NCAA players that wish to continue on into professional baseball. The Bucs operate in a similar manner to a Minor League team: playing nightly in stadiums before fans, using wood bats and minor league specification equipment, and experiencing road trips between games. Like all other summer collegiate players, they are unpaid in order to maintain their NCAA eligibility, and live with host families in the same manner as Single A and Independent League players. While serving as a crucial player development team, the Anchorage Bucs have continued to push the boundaries of Summer Collegiate Baseball, winning many league national and international titles and bringing their own brand of baseball across the world.

Since the 2000 season, the Bucs have further embraced Anchorage culture by making local Borealis Microbrewery the official beer of the Anchorage Bucs

Baseball Ambassadors[edit]

The Anchorage Bucs have made International Baseball central to their mission and character. Notably among the international baseball experiences of the team have been:

Notable Alumni of the Anchorage Bucs[edit]

Yearly record since 1995[edit]

Year Record Manager NBC World Series
1995 23-26 John Baptista
1996 33-21 Mark O'Brien
1997 33-18 Mark O'Brien
1998 26-16 Mike Oakland 2-2
1999 24-18 Mike Oakland 4-2
2000 22-23 John Weber
2001 31-19 Jim Yanko
2002 25-24 Jim Yanko
2003 17-30 Jim Yanko
2004 32-15 Matt Priess 5-2
2005 20-23 Matt Priess
2006 20-14 Mike Garcia
2007 13-22 Mike Garcia
2008 15-20 Mike Garcia
2009 26-19 Thom Dreier
Year Record Manager Playoffs
2011 16-20 Tony Cappuccilli
2012 21-19 Tony Cappuccilli
2013 20-15 Tony Cappuccilli
2014 26-18 Tony Cappuccilli
2015 27-21 Mike Grahovac Champions
2016 20-24 Anthony Hutting
2017 24-20 Ken Hokuf Runner Up
2018 25-19 Ken Hokuf Runner Up
2019 29-14 Grant Palmer Champions
2021 18-27 Grant Palmer Champions

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