1975 Pan American Games

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The 1975 Pan American Games were the 7th Pan American Games. The games were played from October 13 through October 24 in Mexico City. Flag of Cuba Cuba cruised to victory, with shutouts in four of their eight games.

In winning the Gold, 8-0 Cuba was paced by Agustin Marquetti (.480, 4 2B), Evelio Hernández Soufront (.462) and Osvaldo Oliva (.448) on offense, while Juan Perez (2-0, 0.00), Santiago Mederos (1-0, 1.37) and Oscar Romero (2-0, 1.80) led the staff.

Flag of United States United States took the silver with a 6-2 record and only lost 4-3 to Cuba in their match-up. Dave Stegman scored 8 runs and Ron Hassey drove in 9, while future major leaguers Wayne Krenchicki and Steve Kemp were also present. Bob Owchinko struck out 28 and won 3 games, both leading the tourney. Other MLB-bound pitchers were Rich Wortham, Pete Redfern, Mike Scott and Scott Sanderson.

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela got the bronze with a 5-3 mark. Jesus Hernandez led with 14 hits and six stolen bases. Gustavo Bastardo tied for the lead with four doubles. While three teams were 5-3, Venezuela beat the other two 5-3 clubs in the round-robin to earn third place.

The Flag of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic and host Flag of Mexico Mexico each had a 5-3 record. Flag of Colombia Colombia was 3-5, Flag of Canada Canada 2-6, Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 2-6 (despite having the best contact hitter, Luis Mercado, at .500) and Flag of El Salvador El Salvador 0-8.

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Source: A History of Cuban Baseball by Peter Bjarkman

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