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There have been six different entries known as the Tri-State League and they have varied widely in composition.

A second Tri-State League operated in 1894. Charleston and Huntington in WV, Chillicothe, Circleville, Manchester and Portsmouth in Ohio. Jackson in Michigan and Maysville, in Kentucky.

The first Tri-State League operated in 1887-1890. Ohio supplied most of the teams, West Virginia supplied one, while Michigan was the third state from 1887-1888, and Pennsylvania was the third state in 1890. Tri-State League (OH-WV-MI-PA)

The third such circuit had teams in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and ran from 1904-1906 as an independent circuit and 1907-1914 as a class B league. The heart of the league came from Pennsylvania. Tri-State League (PA-DE-NJ)

The next Tri-State occupied Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota - it was a six-team class D league that lasted only one season, 1924. Tri-State League (NE-IA-SD)

Another class D Tri-State operated in 1925-1926, this one being housed in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Tri-State League (AR-MS-TN)

In 1946, the longest-running Tri-State kicked into action in the explosion of leagues after World War II. Another class B league, this one lasted ten years, a longer lifespan than many other post-WW II loops. Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina were the three states involved this time. Tri-State League (NC-SC-TN)

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