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The Baseball Research Journal is a publication of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). Published in a magazine format, it comprises articles on the history of baseball, biographies of former players, officials and other figures associated with the game, and analytical articles that evaluate various statistical aspects of the game (the term sabermetrics is derived from these articles, which appeared in this publication in the late 1970s - before being more widely disseminated to the general public).

The Journal's articles are usually written by members of SABR. The publication itself is distributed to members as part of their annual membership dues and in recent years has been sold to the general public through the University of Nebraska Press, which also sells back issues. An archive can be consulted through the SABR website.

In 2008, it was announced that the Journal would move from an annual to a bi-annual publication, taking over its sister publication The National Pastime. In theory, that publication was more geared to articles about cultural and historical subjects, with the Journal promoting original research and more analytical articles, but in recent years, the line between the two had become blurred, leading to the decision to merge them. The two publications have established a reputation as the most influential publications in which to publish research related to baseball, and are widely read in the baseball writing and research community. Authors who have published in their pages include Dave Baldwin, Bill James, Pete Palmer, Dick Thompson and David Voigt.

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