Taiyo Robins

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After the reintroduction of nicknames after the 1946 season, Pacific changed its name to the Taiyo Robins. The team was owned by Komajiro Tamura. The team recieved its name from Tamura's fabric store Taiyo Rayon and from the nickname of Tamura, "Koma" which means robins. The team had, for a time, the nickname Robins on its uniforms for home games and Suns on its uniforms for away games. This change did not last due to the confusion it caused. It said that the owner had thought about the name "Suns" from his company name and tried to use both Robins and Suns together. He tried to use Robins for Home games and Suns for away games, since they changed their uniforms. The Robins placed sixth in 1947. Following the season, the team changed its first kanji modifiying the team's name from from Taiyo (太陽), with its connotation to the sun, to Taiyo (大陽). The Robins placed sixth in 1948 but dropped to last in 1949. Part of the team was sold to Shochiku before the 1950 season, and the team was renamed to the Shochiku Robins.


Preceded by
Taiyo Robins
1947 - 1949
Succeeded by
Shochiku Robins