South Side Park

From BR Bullpen

BUILT: 1900

CAPACITY: 15,000

FIRST GAME: April 24, 1900, vs. Cleveland Lake Shores (White Sox 8, Lake Shores 2; minor league game)

LAST GAME: June 27, 1910, vs. Cleveland Naps (Naps 7, White Sox 2)



South Side Park was home of the Chicago White Sox from 1901 to 1910, and home of the Chicago American Giants until 1940. It was known as Schorling's Park from 1920 until its destruction, and Cole's Park from 1933-1935. It burned down on Christmas day 1940.

Before the American League became a major league, it was also the home of the Chicago White Stockings of the minor league American League in 1900.


There are two other ballparks with this name: Southside Park in Owensboro, KY and South Side Park in Winston-Salem, NC. Two previous stadiums in the same general neighborhood inChicago were also called by this name: South Side Park I, which hosted Chicago's entry in the Union Association in 1884, and South Side Park II which was used by two major league Chicago teams in the early 1890s. South Side Park is sometimes referred to as South Side Park III to distinguish it from these two earlier short-lived venues.