Serranos (Series Selectivas)

From BR Bullpen

The Serranos only played 7 seasons in the Series Selectivas but they were productive in that time, unlike the Mineros, who played in the same seasons. They debuted in 1986 by going 41-22 and taking the title for manager Frangel Reynaldo. They had the league leaders in several departments: Jorge García led in hits (96) and steals (30), Orestes Kindelán in homers (30), runs (63) and RBI (84), Luis Tissert in wins (12) and Enrique Cutiño in strikeouts (111).

The Serranos were managed by Higinio Vélez and won another pennant at 42-21 in 1987. Kindelán tied for the most homers (16) and doubles (16) and led with 60 RBI, while Antonio Pacheco led in hits (88) and tied for the most doubles (16). García led with 54 runs. Osvaldo Duvergel led in wins while Tissert led with 17 complete games.

In 1988, the club fell to 36-27 and third place. José Alemán led with a 9-2 winning percentage while Kindelán led in runs (69) while winning his third straight home run crown (28). The team went 33-30 for another 3rd-place finish in 1989; Duvergel tied for the most wins in the league (10) while Gabriel Pierre led with 28 doubles.

The Serranos fell big-time in 1990, going 23-40 and tying the Camagüeyanos for last place. In 1991, they rebounded somewhat to 30-33 and 4th place.

They went 36-27 in 1992 to finish third overall, but best in the east in a new split-division format. They then advanced to the finals, where they beat Habana for the third title in their short existence. They had no league leaders in their final pennant run, unlike the first two.

They vanished when the league contracted the next year.