Rakuten Monkeys

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Rakuten Monkeys
Taiwan Series Titles: None
First Placings: 1 (2022-1)
Playoffs: 2 (2022, 2023)
Founding Date: December 17, 2019
First Season: 2020
Owner: Rakuten Group
Home City: Taoyuan City
Franchise Players:
Current Manager: Kenji Furukubo
Rakuten Monkeys logo.jpg
* Team won the league outright by winning both halves, no Taiwan Series played.
^ Team won both halves of the season earning a one-game advantage over its opponent in the Taiwan Series.


The Rakuten Monkeys are a member of the Chinese Professional Baseball League and were previously called the Lamigo Monkeys (2011-2019) when they were bought by Japanese online retailer Rakuten. They play at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium in Taoyuan City.