Patrick Rock

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Patrick Rock is a researcher on several Negro League seasons, having done extensive research on the 1923 Negro National League and Eastern Colored League, the 1942 NNL and NAL, as well as research on the 1909 games between the Chicago Leland Giants, Cuban Stars, Philadelphia Giants, and Kansas City Giants. He has also researched the Union Association, and is an authority on the Kansas City and Milwaukee clubs of that league.

He helped provide material for the 2006 Special Committee on the Negro Leagues and submitted proposals for many Hall-of-Fame candidates, including J.L. Wilkinson, Dobie Moore, and José Méndez. Living in Overland Park, KS, he is a database programmer. A member of SABR since 1982, he has been a member of the Negro Leagues committee since 1991. He has contributed to The Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball and The Negro Leagues Book and helped Replay Baseball publish the 1923 NNL season for its game.

He contributes to the Bullpen under the name of Couillaud