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The Encyclopedia of Minor League Baseball (ISBN 0963718975) was first published in 1993 by Baseball America and edited by W. Lloyd Johnson and Miles Wolff. The book attempted to be a comprehensive list of National Association leagues and cities. For the years 1902-1946, there is a standings list for every league, along with league presidents, playoffs and league leaders. Starting in 1947, it adds attendance figures and managers. Starting in 1963, it adds major league affiliations.

The 2nd edition was published in 1997. In this edition, all leagues, including the majors are included from 1883 on. The attendance figures and managers are included from the beginning, and the major league affiliations are listed from 1932 on.

A third edition was published in 2007 and many 19th century leagues were added and data was filled in for many 20th century independent circuits. The biggest change comes with the removal of "This Date in Baseball History," and its replacement: vignettes about Minor League Baseball. With the readers' help, each season shall continue to be recorded.