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Team History[edit]

The Industriales de Monterrey had two runs in the Mexican League. The first was from 1939-1949, during which the team won four pennants under the leadership of Lazaro Salazar. They were the top team in 1943, 1947, 1948 and 1949. In 1950 the team became the Monterrey Sultans and their run of success ended.

The Industrials name was revived during the 1989-1994 period when they replaced the Jalisco Charros, giving Monterrey two teams, as the Sultans were still active. The Industrials could not unseat the older team that had once born their name, and in 1995 the 5-year competition ended with the Industrials again vanishing from the scene.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1939 31-29 5th Guillermo Ornelas / Guadencio Guerra none
1940 52-41 3rd Chile Gomez none
1941 43-59 6th Chile Gomez none
1942 46-41 2nd Lazaro Salazar none
1943 53-37 1st Lazaro Salazar none League Champs
1944 50-39 2nd Lazaro Salazar none
1945 48-42 2nd (t) Lazaro Salazar none
1946 48-49 5th Lazaro Salazar none
1947 70-47 1st Lazaro Salazar none League Champs
1948 50-35 1st Lazaro Salazar none League Champs
1949 52-33 1st Lazaro Salazar League Champs
1989 50-80 13th Manuel Magallon / Miguel Solis / Carlos Paz / Juan Navarette
1990 49-82 13th Hector Espino
1991 61-56 8th Hector Espino / Marcelo Juarez Lost in 2nd round
1992 69-63 7th Marcelo Juarez / Jose Manuel Ortiz / Miguel Solis / Gregorio Luque Lost in 1st round
1993 61-67 10th Domingo Carrasquel Sr. / Miguel Solis
1994 76-53 3rd Aurelio Rodriguez Lost in 1st round

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