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Jorge Pasquel Casanueva

Biographical Information[edit]

The son of a shipping magnate, Jorge Pasquel and his brothers continued the trade. A rich man who liked to flaunt his wealth, Pasquel owned six Lincolns and had a haberdashery in his home. His big spending in the 1940s lured many Negro League players south, making the 1940 and 1941 seasons the strongest in Mexican League history. In 1946, he again dipped into his millions to bring some white Major League Baseball players to Mexico. When the major-leaguers returned north, Pasquel brought a lawsuit against Mickey Owen for not honoring his contract; Pasquel vs. Owen was decided in 1950. In the 1951 Liga championship, Pasquel was hit by a stone thrown by a San Luis Potosi fan. Angry, the Veracruz Blues owner left baseball, almost crippling the Mexican League. He died when his private plane crashed in 1955.

Further Reading[edit]

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