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Hawaii is the 50th and last state to join the United States, obtaining statehood in 1959. It is formed of a series of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Prior to being annexed to the USA as a territory, it had been an independent kingdom until 1893 and the Republic of Hawaii from 1893 to 1898.

Hawaii has a long baseball tradition and fielded its own Hawaii national baseball team until statehood. The Hawaii Islanders, based in the capital, Honolulu, HI, were members of the Pacific Coast League for almost three decades. A short-lived winter league, the Hawaii Winter League was based in the state for a few years starting in 1993. Hawaii also has close connections with Japanese baseball, because of the islands' important Japanese-American population.

Hawaii is also the name of the largest island in the state, although the most populous is Oahu, where Honolulu is located.

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