Elizabeth Resolutes

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1873 Elizabeth Resolutes / Franchise: Elizabeth Resolutes / ER Team Page[edit]

Record: 2-21, Finished 8th in National Association

Managed by Doug Allison

Ballpark: Waverly Fairgrounds (Apr. 28-Jul. 23, 1873) 0-8 (.000)

History, Comments, Contributions[edit]

Officially known as the Resolute Base Ball Club of Elizabeth, the team was a short-lived ball club from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Founded in 1866, the team joined the National Association of Base Ball Players in December of 1867. Not much is known about the club. One of their best seasons came in 1870 when the team posted a 14-11 record. That year the club established themselves as one of the best teams in the state of New Jersey. That year in addition to play the local amateur clubs from New Jersey, they played against some of the best teams from New York: the Brooklyn Atlantics, Brooklyn Eckfords, the Brooklyn Stars and the New York Mutuals. The Resolutes also took on the mighty Cincinnati Red Stockings in a 22-7 loss.

The Resolutes won two state championships in 1870 and 1872. Following the 1872 season, the Resolutes paid the $10.00 fee to join the National Association. The team lost it's first home game to the Philadelphia Whites by a score of 23-5. They would then proceed to lose their first 6 games before defeating the Brooklyn Atlantics in a close 12-9 win in Brooklyn. The team would last until August 7, 1873 when they would drop out following a 20-3 loss to the Mutuals. The team posted a 2-21 record including 8 losses at home. The Resolutes were outscored 299-98 (13-4 ave.) Of their 23 games, 20 of them were blowouts (1-19). Both wins were against the Red Stockings and Atlantics.

However it should be noted that the team was frequently maligned by the Daily Journal, which reported the player's habits both on and off the field. In addition, manager Doug Allison was noted for his behavior even when he was a member of the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The Resolutes were the last major league team from New Jersey until the Newark Peppers of the Federal League in 1915.


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