2019 Serie A1

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Serie A1
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The 2019 Serie A1 championship was won by Unipolsai Bologna as they swept T&A San Marino in the Italian Series to win the title for the second consecutive year. Seven teams took part in Serie A1 in 2019. Just before the start of the season Rimini withdrew from the league because of financial problems. Rimini had played in Italy's top league since 1973.

Regular Season Standings[edit]

  1. Unipolsai Bologna, 21-3 (Daniele Frignani)
  2. Sipro Nettuno Baseball City, 15-9 (Carlo Morville/Gary Villalobos)
  3. T&A San Marino, 14-9 (Mario Chiarini)
  4. Parmaclima, 12-11 (Gianguido Poma)
  5. Rangers Redipuglia, 9-14 (Frank Pantoja)
  6. Godo, 6-18 (Marco Bortolotti)
  7. Autovia Castenaso, 5-18 (Marco Nanni)

Playoffs: Bologna beat Parma, San Marino beat Nettuno