Managerial Stats

Managerial Stats Table
Rk Year Age Tm Lg W L W-L% T G Finish Wpost Lpost W-L%post Ejections
1188223Cleveland BluesNL2nd of 24236.5382805000Player/Manager
2188425St. Louis MaroonsUA2nd of 26616.8051831000UA Pennant Player/Manager
3188526St. Louis MaroonsNL1st of 32129.4200508000Player/Manager
4188526St. Louis MaroonsNL3rd of 3911.4502228000Player/Manager
5188930Allegheny CityNL2nd of 3710.41201750Player/Manager
Cleveland Blues1 year4236.5382805.0000
St. Louis Maroons2 years9656.63231554.30001 Pennant
Allegheny City1 year710.4120175.0000
4 years145102.58752524.50001 Pennant

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