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East Division

East Division Table
Tm W L W-L% GB
New York Yankees124.750--
Baltimore Orioles96.6002.5
Boston Red Sox97.5633.0
Tampa Bay Rays97.5633.0
Toronto Blue Jays88.5004.0

Central Division

Central Division Table
Tm W L W-L% GB
Cleveland Guardians105.667--
Kansas City Royals106.6250.5
Detroit Tigers96.6001.0
Minnesota Twins68.4293.5
Chicago White Sox213.1338.0

West Division

West Division Table
Tm W L W-L% GB
Texas Rangers88.500--
Los Angeles Angels78.4670.5
Oakland Athletics79.4381.0
Seattle Mariners610.3752.0
Houston Astros611.3532.5

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