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Yogi Berra Museum

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Essential Information[edit]

The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center is a baseball-related museum located in Little Falls, NJ. It is on the campus of Montclair State University.

Motto: "Seeking to educate and inspire all people, but most importantly, our children."

Address: 8 Quarry Road. Little Falls, NJ. 07424.

Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, Noon to 5:00 p.m. Open until 7:00 p.m. during NJ Jackals home games. Closed on all major holidays.

The Yogi Berra Connection: "In 1996, he received an honorary doctorate from Montclair State University. Two years later, a baseball stadium was named after him on campus. And in December 1998, the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center opened its doors to the public, paying tribute to an American legend and his lifelong commitment to the education of young people."

In October 2014, the museum was burgled, with two of his MVP plaques and all ten of his World Series rings stolen.

About the Museum and Cultural Center[edit]

Mission: "Our Mission is to preserve and promote the values of respect, sportsmanship, social justice and excellence through inclusive, culturally diverse, sports-based educational programs and exhibits."

Vision: "Our Vision is to provide a creative and enjoyable educational environment for all learners, especially children. We particularly choose to focus on children so that they may understand how baseball, our national pastime, and other sports, teach social and cultural values that are as important off the field as they are on."

Collections: Heart of the Game: The Baseball Art of Andy Jurinko. "When World War II ended, so began a most thrilling and scintillating era for baseball. It was a most crucial and prophetic time, too. Color barriers were broken. Heroes were celebrated. And franchises were moved, paving the way for expansion and creation of teams all over America. Yet those indelible seasons from 1946-57 will forever hold a sentimental place in millions of hearts - especially if you were a fan of one of three mighty New York teams, the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Giants, housed in wonderfully different ballparks. Each team had stars galore, including a fabled trio of centerfielders - Willie,Mickey and the Duke. The teams, the players, the era, have inspired a galaxy of literature and nostalgia. Yet few artists have captured baseball’s Golden Age more evocatively than Andy Jurinko, the warmth of his childhood memories evident in his work.

"Not evident is the pain and loss Jurinko experienced when he was forced to flee his lower Manhattan home and studio - located across the street from the World Trade Center - on Sept. 11, 2001. After 16 months of cleanup and repair, Jurinko and his wife Patricia were able to return to their home. Thanks to the generosity of collector Bernie Hubert, the Museum is honored to display some of Jurinko’s original canvases that recall this cherished era."

Educational Programs: "The Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center offers culturally diverse, inclusive educational programming designed to stimulate students' interest in sport and its relationship to academic endeavors. Inspired by Yogi Berra's commitment to children, the Museum leverages the role of sports through programs that foster literacy, integrity, social justice, sportsmanship, hard work and dedication in all aspects of life.

Our educational programs are enhanced by a visit to the Museum, which houses a collection of memorabilia of baseball and American history."


Yogi Berra Museum