Sabios de Vargas

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The Sabios de Vargas (Vargas Wisemen) were a founding member of the Venezuelan League. They won the first title, in 1946, under skipper Daniel Canónico and repeated in 1946-1947. Another key early member was Luís Aparicio Sr. Due to financial reasons, they folded in 1953. Other players included Roy Campanella, Sammy Hairston and Sammy Bankhead.

Yearly Record[edit]

Year Record Manager Playoffs
1946 18-12 Daniel Canónico / Roy Campanella Champions
1946-47 17-19 Daniel Canónico / Ernesto Aparicio Champions
1947-48 24-15 Roy Campanella Runner Up
1948-49 Jose Rodriguez
1949-50 17-31 Pelayo Chacon
1950-51 19-34 Ford Garrison
1951-52 22-35 Ford Garrison
1952-53 26-31 Jose Casanova Season cancelled