The Kid from Cleveland

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The Kid from Cleveland is a baseball-themed motion picture released by Republic Pictures in September 1949. The film features prominently the 1948 Cleveland Indians and footage from the 1948 World Series.

The film stars Russ Tamblyn, who would later star in West Side Story, as a quasi juvenile delinquent in Cleveland who is steered away from bad deeds by his friendship with members of the Cleveland Indians, the team he idolizes. The film is notable for featuring all members of the 1949 Indians playing themselves (although the film re-enacts the 1948 season) and for being filmed on location in Cleveland, OH and at League Park. Prominent roles are given to owner Bill Veeck, general manager Hank Greenberg and manager Lou Boudreau, all playing themselves, whereas former player-turned Hollywood actor Johnny Berardino plays one of the film's heavies.

The film has mainly an historical interest, as it was poorly received at the time, did not turn a profit at the box office, and was considered by critics to be overly sentimental and weakly acted.

Further Reading[edit]

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