Standard Plays

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The Fielding Numbers[edit]

Each fielder is assigned a number so identification of them in errors and plays can easily be made.

Pitcher: 1 Catcher: 2 First baseman: 3 Second baseman: 4 Third baseman: 5 Shortstop: 6 Left Fielder: 7 Center Fielder: 8 Right Fielder: 9

To explain, let us use an example.

The batter hits a ball to the shortstop, who flips it to the second baseman, who tags the base and throws to first, getting the out there. The play would be scored 6-4-3, shortstop-2nd-1st. This is a standard double play.

A slightly more unorthodox play would be the center fielder catching the ball and throwing it to the 2nd baseman for a tag-out. This would be a 8-4 double play.

A strike-out-throw-out double play, from the pitcher to the catcher to the 2nd baseman, would be 2-4. The pitcher, even though he was involved in the play, never receives an assist on the strikeout, which is credited as a putout by the catcher.