Selección (All-Star Series)

From BR Bullpen

Selección was a team in the Cuban All-Star Series three times. In 1973, they beat the Industriales, 8 games to 4, behind manager Servio Borges. Wilfredo Sánchez led the Series in hits (12), Antonio Muñoz led in runs (6), Ubaldo Alvarez led in average (.467) and Angel García led in wins (2). In 1974, they lost 4 games to 2 to Habana. Sandalio Hernández led with 9 hits, Muñoz again led with six runs and Braudilio Vinent had a 0 ERA. Managed by Borges in 1979, they beat Oriente, 2 games to 0. Rodolfo Puente (4 for 8, 2 R), Antonio Muñoz (HR, 2 RBI), Armando Capiró (2 R, 2 RBI) and Santiago Mederos (8 K) were key performers.