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Relocation is the most extreme of actions performed by the owners of a franchise, and one of the most distasteful to its fans. It entails moving one franchise from a city in which it is receiving poor fan support to one where it is hoped it will do better. It has happened 13 times to currently existing Major League Baseball franchises.

The Braves, Orioles and Athletics have all had three different home cities. Milwaukee, New York City, and Washington, DC have each been involved in three of these moves, while Baltimore has figured in two of the moves.

The only city to not presently have a team returned to it is Montreal.

Following the 2005 season, the Florida Marlins announced they would explore the possibility of relocation if the team did not get a new stadium in the Miami area. This speculation was ended with the promise of a new stadium being built.

List of franchises who have relocated in their history[edit]

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