Pinar del Río (Series Selectivas)

From BR Bullpen

Pinar del Río frequently fielded a team in Cuba's Series Selectivas, dating back to the first Series in 1975. They were 30-24 to finish 4th of 7 teams that year. They were led by batting champ Alfonso Urquiola (.358) and strikeout leader Julio Romero (85).

In 1976, the team went 24-30 and finished 5th, though they again had the strikeout leader, Rogelio García, with 97. The next year, they improved to 30-24 and third with García leading in strikeouts (122) and Félix Pino leading in ERA (1.28).

Pinar del Río was 35-25 in 1978 to tie Las Villas for first, but they fell in the playoff. Rogelio García was a pitching Triple Crown (10 W, 2.21 ERA, 111 K). In 1979, the squad was 40-20 to take their first title. Urquiola led with 11 swipes and Juan Oliva had a 1.97 ERA, the best. They repeated in 1980 with a 39-20 record, led by Oliva (8-1), Romero and Rogelio García (a league-high 9 wins).

The team fell to fourth and 32-27 in 1981. Rogelio García led with 114 strikeouts and Luis Casanova led in average (.363). They followed in 1982 with a 35-22 record to take their third pennant in four years. They had numerous league leaders - Casanova in runs (49), Urquiola in steals (14), Romero in wins (11-2) and Rogelio García in strikeouts (116) and ERA (1.70).

They were only 25-35 to place 4th in 1983 while Romero led in Ks (109) and ERA (1.67). In 1984, the team went 28-15 under Jorge Fuentes. They had several leaders as Casanova won the batting title (.391), Lázaro Madera got the most hits (63) and Reinaldo Costa led in wins (12-1), ERA (1.67) and strikeouts (60).

Pinar del Río was 20-25 in 1984-1985 to tie the Camagüeyanos and Orientales for last. In 1986, they were third at 36-27. The next year, they repeated the same record and same finish while veteran Rogelio García led in ERA at 1.25.

Fuentes managed the club to its fifth title in 1988 with a 40-23 record; Omar Linares led the league with 68 RBI. In 1989, they fell to 30-33 and fifth place while Fidel Azcuy led with a 2.85 ERA.

During the 1990 Series Selectivas, Pinar del Río finishes second at 41-22. Linares led with 90 hits while Omar Ajete led in wins (14) and strikeouts (106). In 1991, the team was 41-22 to take their sixth pennant; Fuentes was again the manager. Linares led with 60 runs and Ajete led with 11 wins and 104 strikeouts.

Their last season, 1992, they were 37-26. Linares led in average (.398), runs (65), homers (23) and RBI (58) while Faustino Corrales led with 89 strikeouts.