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Maine is located on the Northeastern corner of the United States, bordered by Canada to the north and east (the provinces of Québec and New Brunswick), the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and New Hampshire to the west. It is largely covered by forests and forestry and fishing have been the traditional pillars of its economy. Due to its relatively harsh climate and sparse population, Maine has not been much of a baseball hotbed since the start of the 20th Century, although there is a long history of minor league baseball being played in around its largest city, Portland, ME.

Major League Baseball has never been played in Maine, and the only state-based league, the Maine State League, lasted only one year in the 1890s and two in the 1900s. The New Brunswick-Maine League lasted only one season, in 1913. Culturally and geographically, Maine is considered to be a part of New England even if its settlement postdates that of the region's core states and it was part of Massachusetts during the American Revolution.

Further Reading[edit]

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