Fort Bragg, NC

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Fort Bragg is the largest United States Army base in the country, located immediately northwest of Fayetteville, NC, in southern North Carolina.

On July 3, 2016, the Atlanta Braves moved a regular-season home game against the Miami Marlins from Turner Field to a temporary ballpark located on the base, in order to honor America's service members and their families on Military Appreciation Day. The Marlins won the "Fort Bragg Game", 5-2, in front of 12,500 spectators, a crowd entirely composed of service members and their families. It was the first major league game ever played in the state of North Carolina.

In 2023, the base was renamed Fort Liberty by the Department of Defense. Its namesake, Braxton Bragg, was a Confederate general who refused General Robert E. Lee's order to surrender at Appomatox - making him a dubious candidate for such an honor.

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