Encyclopedia of Women and Baseball

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The Encyclopedia of Women and Baseball was published in 2006 by McFarland Publishing. The editors were Leslie Heaphy and Mel Anthony May, who contributed the majority of the entries. Other contributors included Larry Lester, Dorothy Jane Mills and Justine Siegal.

The encyclopedia covers female players, executives, umpires, groundskeepers, announcers, sportswriters and others associated with baseball, from the 19th Century until the early 21st Century. The book is fairly comprehensive, but sometimes ignores contextual factors - for instance, citing improved offensive players for those in the 1954 AAGPBL without noting that the league shortened the fences, making a more hitter-friendly environment. Also of unusual note is that a couple of entries are autobiographical, taking away some potential objectivity. The book is the most comprehensive of its type through 2017.