Consol Energy Park

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  • Location: Washington, PA
  • Built: 2002
  • Seating Capacity: 3000
  • Playing Surface Grass
  • Left Field Wall: 320 ft.
  • Center Field Wall: 410 ft.
  • Right Field Wall: 320 ft.


Originally named Falconi Field, Consol Energy Park was built in 2002 to house the fledgling Washington Wild Things of the Frontier League. Consol Energy Park was built with the intentions of being an Independent Minor League ballpark. The stadium, which houses only 3,000 fans, is a unique mixture of simple construction and fan friendly features. There are a small number of box seats lining the infield, and behing home plate, but those seats are predominately held by season ticket holders. The majority of seating at the park is in benches with backs. There is also a small section of lawn seating along the left field foul line, and several assorted party decks for fans. In line with many small parks, concessions are located behind the main concourse and beneath the grandstands. Located in Washington, PA, roughly 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Consol Energy Park is a good alternative to the Pirates for fans in the Pittsburgh area. Prior to the 2007 season the naming rights for the field were bought from the Falconi family by Consol Energy, a locally based company which operates coal mines throughout the area. The serene view of forested hills just past the outfield fence sets a wonderful scene for a baseball game.

Unique Features[edit]

During the off season, Consol Energy Park is home to the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, a minor league soccer team. The field is converted into a soccer field with one goal facing the first base grandstands, and one goal facing left field. Right and Center field become lawn seating for Riverhounds games, and the seating capacity of Consol Energy Park boosts to almost 5,000.

  • Among the party decks available at Consol Energy Park is a Hot Tub Deck located along the first base line. The Hot Tub deck seats 10 to 20 fans, and is a unique and popular feature of the park.

One of the downsides to the cheap and quick construction of Consol Energy Park is that the stands are constructed entirely of heavy grade aluminum. As fans stamp their feat to cheer on the home team, the aluminum of the stands creates a loud flanging sound which hits the ears uncomfortably.

Current Home Teams[edit]