Chicago Orphans

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Chicago Orphans

  • Win-Loss Record: 613-545-21-2 (.528)
  • Ballpark: West Side Grounds: May 14, 1893 – Oct. 3, 1915

Following manager Cap Anson's dismissal from the team, the Chicago Colts found themselves for the first time in 20 seasons with a new manager. This prompted the press to dub the team the Orphans or Remnants. These names would continue to appear in print, along with the Colts until 1905. Though starting in 1902, the press would take to referring to the team as the Chicago Cubs. During the years the team was referred to as the Orphans, the team would produce only 1 winning season ( 1899). That year the team finished with a 75-73-4 record but an 8th place finish.


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